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Our Products & Services
  • Custom index solutions: we are expert manufacturers of plasticized index tabs using Mylar® reinforcement for both tabs and binding edge. Blank tabbed sets for high speed copiers are also available in custom collating sequences.

  • Dossier covers for accountants: binding edge reinforcement using cloth tape in a variety of colors.

  • Canon Digital Production Centre: for all your digital printing needs including large format.

  • Experienced offset printers with full bindery finishing.

  • Householder's Directories for various Montreal municipalities: promoting local businesses and providing community information.

Lovell's Householders' Directory

The "cross-reference by street address" and the "alphabetized by family with complete address" directories, otherwise known as street & alpha, have been the Lovell trademarks since the early publications of the 1840's. From over 40 years until today, the Householders' Directory has become the most trusted practical guide serving both residents and businesses alike and in more communities than ever before.

The Householders' large, easy to read format has both residents and businesses drawn to using them. Residents enjoy them because it is so easy to find people and services in their own neighbourhoods. Businesses focus on the Householders because it allows them to communicate closely with their local clientele and potential buyers.

As publishers, we continue to have a strong, personal relationship with the residents and community as a whole and we take the time to ensure that our information is as accurate as possible. We also ensure that only reputable businesses advertise in each issue. With this approach, Lovell's Householders' Directories have become the benchmark of trusted community publications.

Please feel free to call us with any questions or thoughts that you might have about the Householders. We are happy to hear from you!

Currently serving:

  • Cote St-Luc
  • Hampstead
  • Lakeshore
  • Montreal-West
  • Notre-Dame de Grâce
  • Old Montreal
  • Town of Mount Royal
  • Westmount

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We are situated in Old Montreal, close to the downtown core, including the Palais des Congrès and the World Trade Centre.

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Lovell's Householders' Directory